How to change the color of svg using css

The color of an SVG file is defined in the element and can be changed by modifying the attributes of that element. The following example shows how to change the color of an SVG rectangle:

Can you change the color of SVG with CSS?

Yes, you can use CSS to change the color of SVG. However, there are a few caveats. First and foremost, not all browsers support this feature (Safari does not). You should also be careful about which colors you choose. Many colors look fine when converted from RGB or HSB values into hex codes but will look different when converted back from hex to other formats.


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How do I change the color of an SVG file?

You can change the color of an SVG file in a few ways. The fill and stroke properties are used to specify what color should be used to fill or outline an SVG shape. The stroke-width property specifies the width of the stroke, which is its thickness. The stroke-opacity property specifies how opaque or transparent it should be; this is useful for creating effects like shadows around shapes and images.
The following properties allow you to modify some of these values:

  • 'stroke' - This sets the color of your shape's outline (if there is one).
  • 'fill' - This sets the color that fills in your shape if no outline exists on it, just like with HTML5's tag's alt attribute where you can specify an alternative text description for screen readers who read out loud what they see on screen so those who cannot hear may still "see" with their eyes instead of just using audio alone (iTunes has built-in accessibility features too).

Which property changes the color of SVG in CSS?

SVG elements are made up of a number of parts, including the element itself and all its child elements. The fill property is used to change the color of an SVG element's fill, or interior. The stroke property is used to change the color or style of an SVG element's stroke (outline), while stroke-width changes the width of that outline.

How do I recolor SVG icons?

If you are a developer and would like to recolor SVG icons, use the fill attribute. You can also use the stroke attribute for this purpose. The stroke-width attribute allows you to change the width of your strokes by increasing or decreasing their widths in pixels (px).
If you do not wish for your icon's lines to be straight but instead want them to have rounded ends, then increase or decrease their line caps with the stroke-linecap attribute in pixels (px).
The same goes for joining lines together at their start or end points—you can set it with the stroke-linejoin attribute in pixels (px).


We hope that this article has been helpful in understanding how to change SVG color. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!